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The latest news
Abel Sanchez
2000 Olympic Games
Sydney, Australia

Scroll down for updates on these events:
FINA/USA Ft. Lauderdale (5/16/2000)
Hilary Grivich Memorial Invitational (5/31/2000)
Nickelodeon - interview (6/10/2000)
UNIVISION (6/10/2000)
UNIVISION - diving meet and interview (6/27/2000)
Spain & Italy - diving meets (7/23/2000)

FINA/USA Ft. Lauderdale (5/16/2000)
I recently got back from Ft. Lauderdale where we had an international diving competition. All the divers that will be in the Olympic Games were there. Let me tell you that it was an exciting and thrilling competition. It was awesome diving among the best in the world. The Russians, the Chinese, the Americans, the Germans, Australians, etc., and Peru, of course. I made finals on platform and finished 11th over all. I am proud to say that this is the first time that Peru has had a diver in any major international competition, let alone in the finals. It was a good showing for Peru. If you want to see results of the rest of the meet go to and click on results for "FINA/USA Ft. Lauderdale. The finals were held late at night under the lights. I was told that this was the first time this was done. At first it took some getting use to, though I think we all got use to it. I'm sorry to say that I didn't do so well on three meter springboard. I wish I had the pictures I took, but I still need to develop the film. Once I do, I will post them for everyone to see. This meet will be televised on Fox Sports as well as on UNIVISION. When I find out the dates I will let everyone know. Please visit frequently for more updates. You have to see it on TV to get the full effect of diving at night. 

If you want to know more about the meet just email me.

Hilary Grivich Memorial Invitational (5/31/2000)
I had a good time at The Woodlands where I competed last. I use to train there with Kenny Armstrong and it was good to go back and see all my old friends. The men's competitions was good but not deep in numbers. The women's competition was amazing. Most of the the women that will be competing at the US Olympic trials were there. I was 2nd on 3 meter and 2nd on 10 meter. I have some cool pictures but I still need to develop the film. When I finish this roll that seems to never end, check them out in the photo gallery. 

Nickelodeon  (6/10/2000)
I was interviewed on Nickelodeon Games and Sports. It's a short clip but it was a lot of fun to be on. It's going to be aired on the 12th of June. Check it out in your TV Guide. 

UNIVISION  (6/10/2000)
I spoke with UNIVISION and they said the diving meet will be aired in July sometime. I'll keep everyone posted. Keep checking.

UNIVISION  (6/27/2000)
I finally got word from UNIVISION. Not only will they be airing the Ft. Lauderdale meet but they also interviewed me and did a little story about me. It will air Sunday July 2nd between the hours of 1pm and 3pm (Eastern Time), on Accion Extra. This Sunday. I will be out of town but I was told that you will be able to view it from anywhere. Peru, California, Florida, Houston, any place you can get UNIVISION. Please check it out and spread the word. 

Spain & Italy  (7/23/2000)
I'll be heading for Europe to compete in my last competitions before heading to Australia. If you want to know how I'm doing while I'm in Spain or in Italy email me and I'll do my best to respond. Sometimes it's difficult to find a computer. Sorry, I haven't posted new pictures. I'll do my best to do so when I get back.