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Abel Sanchez
2000 Olympic Games
Sydney, Australia


Due to the extensive cost of training I am asking that you sponsor me in my quest to the Olympic games. Since I graduated from the University of Michigan I have supported my dream of making the Olympic games. I have waited tables, worked for Imagination Plus (computer graphics firm), performed duties as a nanny, took on odd jobs, taught diving lessons, performed in diving shows, made a few commercials, I did what I needed to do to pursue my goal. Now that I have made the Peruvian Olympic Team I thought my worries for finances would be over. On the contrary, my expenses will exceed myself if I am to train the way I need to train. I can not wait tables until 1am to 2 am in the morning and expect to perform at a high level of diving the next morning. I need to be able to train full time from now until the end of the Olympic games. Therefore, I am asking for your financial support. At the bottom I list my expenses and I estimate them to be around $50,000 to $60,000. As you can see I could never accomplish this on my own. Any amount donated is appreciated. Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of you time. Viva Peru!!!!


@ Diving Competitions FINA/USA Diving Grand Prix (Ft Lauderdale, USA), Torneo Internacional de Clavados (Juarez, MEX), Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid,ESP), Internazionali de Roma (Rome,ITA), and Olympic Games (Sydney,Australia)

Airfare (mine and coaches)
Hotel (mine and coaches)
Food (mine and coaches)
Transportation (mine and coaches)
Entry Fees (mine and coaches)
Coaching Fees (mine and coaches)

@ Home
Bills (utilities, phone, etc.)
Car (gas, repairs 86)
Diving Wear (shoes, bathing suits, shorts, sweats, etc.)
Monthly coaching fees
Trips to and from Peru

Through the club team that I currently train with I was able to set up a fund. All the proceeds that go into supporting me are tax deductible. 

You can make your checks payable to: 
Team Orlando Diving Boosters Club, Inc./Abel fund

The Taxpayer ID Number is: 59-2970665

You can send the checks to:
Abel Sanchez
5368 Bamboo Ct.
Orlando, FL 32811

If you have any questions and would like to know more information please feel free to email me at: